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In Awok'en, you play as a cook willing to do anything to follow his faithfull shield on a great adventure to avenge a god who criticized his cooking.

To progress in the game, the player has to resolve many puzzles and to fight against different mythological creatures with the abilites of the shield. Indeed, the shield is useful to protect, pary, and destroy the enemies and to achieve the puzzles.
The climax of the game is the fight against Zeus, the final opponent.

Game made by:

  • Antoine LEROUX – Project Manager
  • Rémi SÉCHER – Lead Programmer
  • Bastien Prigent – Game Programmer
  • Steve Guitton – Game Designer
  • Maelle Hanneton – Artistic Director
  • Solène Krawczyk – Game Artist
  • Samuel Lauro – Game Artist
  • Justine Catteau – Game Artist

/!\ It is REQUIRED to play with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller /!\


Awoken.zip 169 MB

Install instructions

To install the game, you have to download the .zip file and unzip it. Then you can lauch the .exe file and play it. Have fun!


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This game has an interesting story.


Thank you very much for the interest you show in our game! We appreciate it very much.

can i really not play without a Controller?


It's controller only for now, sorry. 

ohh ok